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2ES v2.0 #45
Posted on Mon Jun 2nd 2008 at 7:00pm

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Mon Jun 2nd 2008 at 7:02pm
And I give you, Petey the Plothole Wizard. He makes plotholes okay, because he intentionally created them, not because they were mistakes by the author. I honestly did intend to continue this run of the comic after this one, but I got distracted somehow, and by the time I got back into making comics, I decided to just start over agian. Which of course brings you into the current run of comics, which after almost fourteen hundred comics, I've decided to quit and restart again. Just kidding.

Ayhoo, it would appear that The lost Chapters is now drawing to a close, as I no longer have any unseen 2ES comics left. I do however, have one final scrapped project that I've decided to release for those who care. It's a rather short run, only about sixteen comics, but I think it was a promising comic that I really don't know why I stopped making it. So tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

Author Comments:
Posted by Advertisement on Fri Jun 22nd 2018 at 5:58am

User Comments:
Posted by Raving Rendal (Guest) on Tue Jun 3rd 2008 at 9:25am
Yay for Black mage
First one up I guess but had to comment when I saw one of my favorite internet anti-heroes make an appearance :)

Posted by Adam West (Guest) on Tue Jun 3rd 2008 at 10:02am

Posted by Angel85 on Tue Jun 3rd 2008 at 11:51am
heh, I never thought you could put an 8-bit sprite next to the more detailed 16 bit sprites, but for Black Mage it totally works

Posted by protobuster on Wed Jun 4th 2008 at 3:55pm
@Angel85: Maybe it's the hat.

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