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Too Little, Too Late
Posted on Sat Sep 29th 2007 at 7:00pm

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Posted by RyanMC on Sat Sep 29th 2007 at 9:51pm
Fefnir didn't do quite as good as the others. Mega Man on the other hand did much better than his friends.

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Posted by belthazar666 on Sat Sep 29th 2007 at 10:12pm
The second panel, it says "Not Tow worry"
I hope you were typing to and not two and hit the W first...As always tho this comic rocks.I have a question tho, every time I check my favorites, and I see an update from this of Two Evil Scientists, Two Evil Scientists is at 6AM and this at 6PM, how do you get them that exact time every day?

Posted by supercomputer276 on Sat Sep 29th 2007 at 10:15pm
I think Ryan said somewhere in 2ES that he has the comics made a month in advance, and it's possible to add a comic to a webcomic and set the date to appear at a certain time later. I did that with Tails and His Inverse Universe when I first started it here at Smack Jeeves.

Posted by Angel85 on Sun Sep 30th 2007 at 12:00am
i guess decapitations aren't so bad for robots, as long as the brain, or whatever is analogous to the hard drive, isn't damaged or completely loses power...

Posted by Joe4evr on Sun Sep 30th 2007 at 7:59am
Also, these were he very first comics he's ever made, so typos are everywhere. And just to show off how noobish he was, he keeps the typos just the way they are.

Posted by RyanMC on Sun Sep 30th 2007 at 9:52pm
I don't really post them at the same time every day, I just always set upload time to make it look like I did. Sometimes I do it earlier so that the auto update will post it at the right time, but more often I post it a little bit later. If you want to know what time I really posted the comic, take a look at my author comment. As you can see, this one was actually a couple of hours late.

Oh, and the spelling errors aren't just left in to show how nOObish I was. Laziness also plays a factor since the format that these comics are saved in means it would take me alot longer to fix simple spelling mistakes. But I do like the fact that it shows my flaws too.

Posted by mic (Guest) on Sun Apr 20th 2008 at 10:19pm
gee you had an obsession with heads falling off didn't you?

Posted by AuraX (Guest) on Fri Apr 15th 2011 at 3:25pm
Slightly recycled.

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